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Wooden floors – Living floors
There is nothing like a wooden floor to enhance the personality of a room. Wood is a beautiful material that only becomes more attractive over time. Because it is a natural, living material, a wooden floor meets different challenges throughout its lifetime. Since 1919, WOW partnered with Bona which has worked with wooden floors and become experts in treating this fantastic material. Pioneering in 1979 with waterborne finishes, today it is world leading offering a full range of environmentally sound products covering all wooden floor treatments. Their product makes contractor’s everyday work smoother and pleases floor owners all across the world. The products are based on innovation with a sustainable perspective in mind, considering the floor, the craftsman and the indoor and outdoor environment.
WOW’s Bona coatings are all designed for meeting life on wooden floors. Whether you need a natural and safe finish for your home, or a hard-wearing surface for a busy shop, with WOW’s coatings you can feel certain that you get the best solution for the needs of your wooden floor.

A material with thousands of possibilities
Wood is a material with many possibilities. In a home it can give an organic homely feel, but in an airport, it can look stylishly sleek. It all depends on how you treat the surface. It’s not just about deciding whether you want a glossy or matt surface, but with WOW’s colouration system you can change the appearance of the floor completely. An oak floor can for example be given a stylish new look of Amber. With WOW, it’s all about the interaction between product and floor, creating the texture and look you want.
An exciting development
Wooden floors used to be a luxury affordable only to a few. The exciting news is that today with pre-finished parquet floors (and UV coatings), wooden floors can be enjoyed by everyone.
Since the development of the complete range of finishes that give excellent adhesion to the wood, UV-coatings meet our customer’s needs for durable surface protection. With UV-coatings the WOW can finalize the floor already in the factory. Then through “click-installation” at the site it is swiftly in place.
Installing a wooden floor has never been easier!

Meeting High Traffic Demands
When designing the surface of a commercial floor, you need to think about both functionality and design. What are the needs regarding durability, slip resistance and design? Do you want a glossy surface, or a matt? All these factors are important when deciding on a coating. Whether you need a floor finished for an airport or a library, Bona will offer a solution customised to your practical and aesthetic requirements.
Choosing a commercial coating is also about taking into account the total customer benefit, meeting demands on total economy for the floor’s optimal performance over time. Here WOW is exceptional when it comes to maximum m2 coverage and lasting results, allowing opportunities for a more profitable business.

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