Resand and

Renovate for Total Beauty
WOW Floor Treatment Program based its treatments depending on the condition and use of the floor.
WOW offers treatment to those floors which are severely damaged or yellowed, showing deep scratches and a completely lifeless appearance. This not only gives a total renewal of the floor’s beauty and protection, it also opens up endless possibilities to change the entire look of the floor. The full renovation includes sanding down to bare wood using our range of sanding machines and high-performance abrasives. The sanded-down floor is then retreated with a WOW’s coat that suits the demands of the surface. It’s like getting a whole new floor, with endless possibilities!

Why choose a Finished Surface:
+ Highest degree of protection
+ Easy to clean
+ High chemical resistance
+ Very low VOC and no odours

Dust-free Sanding
The health and safety of our craftsmen and floor owners is a priority at WOW. That’s why we have been using only our partner’s developed Bona Dust Care System (DCS), a powerful tool for completely dust-free sanding. This tool has a unique separation process for easier cleaning mechanism and has a totally sealed system which creates a healthier working conditions.

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